Alvarez Dana Offset Bass



My great grandfather gave me a bass guitar around 5 years ago and I cannot find any information about it. I’ve searched high and low on the internet and even been to several music stores and pawn shops and no one can give me info on it. It has your name on it, so maybe you can help? It is a four string bass, it says Alvarez Dana series on it and the only thing I can find out about it is, it’s circa ’91-’92 and it’s said to be from their offset series. It has active pickups and a custom fit hard case, 3 way channel selector, 2 tones, 1 volume it plays and sounds amazing! I love it, I just wanna know more about it and what the thing is worth. Could you please help me with any information? It would be greatly appreciated!!!


The bass was made in late 1991 or all of 1992. It was called the Alvarez Dana Offset bass. The active tone controls are a 3Khz treble cut and boost and a 125hz bass cut and boost. Half way up is flat on both controls. The body is made of sugar maple. The neck is hard rock maple and SE Asian rosewood. All Dana basses are rare. Most in mint condition sell for over 500.00. The retail was 999.00 in 1991. The radical body shape was replaced with softer edges and corners in 1993. Still called the Offset bass.
If you need more information please let me know. I offer restoration packages on all Dana guitars over 20 years old.
– Dana

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