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Dana continues to astound me with the quality of his work! He's worked on quite a few of my guitars, new and old, and each one sounds much better when he is through. The most recent work he performed was on an old Martin guitar that I purchased with the intent of having him restore it. The guitar had been abused by prior owners. He looked it over and gave me an estimate that I considered reasonable given the condition of the guitar. He gave me weekly updated on progress. Along the way he called me with choices, explaining each one very patiently. The work he did on the bridge and neck worked so well, that he was able to avoid some of the more costly repairs the we had anticipated might be needed and the project came in under budget. After a few weeks he delivered the guitar to me in excellent condition. I’ve been playing it every day since and want to thank him every time I pull it out of the case. Dana has done other fine work for me including straightening the neck on a carbon fiber guitar, and cleaning up some relatively new guitars. I was surprised that the relatively new guitars could sound and play better than before. He adjusted the action on each one to the right height for the playing style and use of that guitar, and got each one to sound its best. Because of his incredible knowledge of instruments he is able to discuss each instrument with you, understand your needs, and then put the instrument in the condition you desire. Dana has also restored the fingerboard and neck of a used mandolin I purchased. Before he touched it, it was unplayable. Now it is a dream. He also helped me sell another mandolin, cleaning it up so that it was in good condition for sale and then bringing it to the attention of other customers. He went way beyond the call of duty.

My Aunt had recently given me my grandfather's mandolin. It was a Martin Mandolin from about 1923. It had big cracks along the length of the bowl and several other issues. I thought nothing could be done for it. I met with Dana who was friendly and very knowlegeable. I felt very confident that I found the right man. Dana was able to clean up an earlier home attempt at glueing up some damage, re-hydrated it. and put a thin rosewood insert to finish the bowl. I know this is just a portion of what Dana did, but the result is a wonderful sounding Mandolin. I played a few strums for my Aunt over the phone and she was completely delighted. I can't believe I was so blessed to have such a skilled Luthier living in my area. I can't recommend Dana enough! :)
Mike Bisignani

I took my older Ibanez acoustic/electric to Dana to get some work done on it. What I received in return was priceless. Dana is one of a kind. He is a master at what he does - meticulous, clean, knowledgeable, and a craftsman. He not only did phenomenal work on my guitar, but it was one of the best "customer service" experiences I ever had. He took care of me - my guitar felt brand new when I gt it back. Dana is the best at what he does in my area. Highly recommended.
Frank Ranieri

I was plagued looking for a shop in Cleveland. There are people here who call themselves "Master Luthiers". I do not doubt they have good skills but I had an issue with a vintage instrument some weeks ago and all the local people either threw their hands up or wanted to hack into my instrument and explained the repair would only be a little noticeable. After much research on Google I found Dana Sutcliffe. Admittedly he is in Delalware but the turn around with shipping involved was still under two weeks each time. The cost of shipping is negligible when you consider the peace of mind that comes with knowing the work will be done right the first time. It was a leap of faith to send the first guitar there as there so many web sites are filled with hype. When it returned home the repair had been made and Dana had addressed a few other issues (with my approval beforehand) that took the instrument to the highest level of playability. The level of communication is unparallelled and the work is nothing short of artistic. He truly is a master luthier. Find Dana here. I'd say good luck but when a craftsman with this much consumate skill and ability is entrusted luck has nothing to do with it. Bob Kessler 216-990-9061

Rob Kessler

I've used Dana, for maintenance and repair. Always a quick turnaround, which is important when you need your guitar, every weekend. Simply the best.
Keith Ayars

Sounds like you have the reputation and experience. That is one thing that I dont have, entirely self taught and know nothing about other guitars etc. I admire those who have taken the time and effort to acquire this kind of skill. Kudos Brian
Brian Sutcliffe

Here's another voice in the choir of voices happy with Dana's work. My Gibson J100 was un-tunable due to neck warp. Dana replaced the frets, straightened the neck, and otherwise fixed the guitar so that it sounds great (at least when played by others). Thanks Dana.
Chris K

Dana did an Excellent job on my Warwick Thumb bass. He fixed some major electronics problems I was having as well as some fret work that left my bass playing like it was new!!!
Jason G

I have known and worked with Dana for over 25 years. The cat is knowledgeable, meticulous and treats the instruments and equipment he works on as if it were his own. Done right the first time....
Dan H.

Dana has restored two of my guitars--a 1956 Gibson and a 1976 Fender Shenandoah. His work helped me recapture the memory of my youth. The Gibson is worth pretty good money today, and it was the first real good guitar I had. But it needed extensive work and Dana made it just like it was when I got it. The Fender 12-String was a unique instrument. He had to do a tremendous amount of work, including cutting off the top and rebuilding the tension bar. It has brought so much pleasure to be able to play both of these instruments again. Dana is a one-of-a-king repairman. His care for the sentimental value of the instruments is especially noteworthy. I've got a Taylor 910 I'm going to have him work on. It was custom made for me, but I want Dana's touch to make it personalized. I've recommended him to many of my friends.
Len Griehs