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Dana was fantastic start to finish. He analyzed the problem(s) with my Fender Tele and expertlly turned it back into an instrument that is fun to play. He was also very prompt and reliable. After delivery he gave me expert advice on how to properly maintain my guitar. His service far exceeded any expectations I may have had. I was so impressed that I also had him work on my niece's guitar as a birthday present for her. She could tell a major difference right away and it increased her enthusiasm for playing. Thanks Dana!
Paul Hoffman

My vintage guitars prefer Dana's magic touch. For the best in restoration work, Dana is the man. Thanks.
Joe M

It is well-known among musicians in this area that Dana is an expert in guitar and mandolin repair. He has worked on two nice acoustic guitars of mine, plus a mandolin. But he also is great with more obscure things – my Turkish Baglama and Afghan rubâb have also received high-quality care from him. It is very hard to find qualified people to work on these instruments, and Dana does them all. He is also well-connected in the business, and recently helped facilitate a major overhaul of one my amplifiers, free of charge by the manufacturer. This is not something I could have made happen on my own. Perhaps just as important as his expertise is his consistent professionalism. Dana always picks up the phone when I call and is always cheerful and punctual with jobs. The follow-up tweakings he does are much appreciated. His price estimates are always accurate. He picks up my instruments and delivers them back to me at my home. That’s certainly a nice perk! It has been very good working with him.
Chris Braddock

Dana has been working on my instruments since were in a band together in the seventies...He is, as the song says, simply the best. His tasks with me are complicated by love of Rickenbackers, which are temperamental by nature. Only use Dana if you want someone who will get it right the first time.
Mark from Club Phred

Dana is great. He was able to diagnose an issue I had with a faulty pickup in my Thinline that no other else could figure out or replicate. He didn't even have to plug it in. Experience goes a long way. He's really nice guy as well... Thanks Dana!
Paul Nowosielski

Dana is the ONLY guy I take my guitars to. He works with you and around the style you play to get the best sound, playability and quality out of your instrument. He regularly works on my Martin 000-16 and recently restored my 1938 Epiphone Deluxe. This job was a TOTAL restoration and included everything you can think of. This baby sings now and can't imagine of taken it somewhere else. You won't find better work than Dana. 5 Stars.
Rory Sullivan

Dana is the best!!! His work is very high quality and he goes out of his way to provide excellent customer service. He has worked on three guitars and a mandolin for me, and they always play better when he is done. One reason I attribute to his great work is that he is an outstanding player. He can pick up your guitar and tell you how he recommends setting it up, or set it up to your preferences. Why else would he have 18 top ratings (and more to come)!!!
Mark K

Dana made my Martin's sound exceed my own playing ability. Dana owns a Patent on a Guitar design! Most important, Dana tells you what to expect from his work on your instrument before he begins. I trust Dana with my prized Martin.
Rick Jensen

I work for a recording artist who is Extremely particular about the condition of his guitars and in fact all of his gear. Dana is the ONLY person he allows to work on his guitars. Dana has worked on everything from high end Taylor acoustics, classical, 12 string, etc to Parker Fly's to midi guitars for us. He did an Incredible custom fret job on a Trussart we have. He has worked on Amps for us, both vintage and new. Warwick Bass and on and on. Bottom line Dana is by far the best there is anywhere around here and if your not close by...he's worth the trip! Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and a true Master at his craft but Dana has the utmost integrity when exploring possible options for whatever your unique situation is. He will be honest with you about what your options are. Can't say enough good things about him! Whenever we sell a guitar we always put on "set up by Dana Sutcliff" as a selling point because those who know quality...know Dana and his work!!
Nicole Passon

Dana tuned up a couple of new Fender basses for me a couple of years ago, including fretwork and pickup installation. Since then, they've played beautifully and needed nothing except minor truss rod adjustments here and there. Dana also rebuilt my 1971 Ampeg V4-B and helped me choose what cabinet would sound best with it. His skills as a luthier and knowledge about tube amplifiers is incredibly valuable. He's a great resource to have in a local shop.