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Several years ago I took a 1975 Guild F150 with fret bindings falling off to a large music chain(Accent Music) to be worked on. They basically butchered the fretboard of the guitar and when I went to finally pick it up there were no strings on it in an effort to hide their mistakes.@!#$ Subsequently, I took the guitar down to Dana and actually felt embarrassed by what had happened to this poor instrument, but I thought I would give him a shot. When he opened the case he was not horrified but immediately saw the potential for this instrument. He miraculously brought it back to life and it is one of my favorite instruments that was handed down from an uncle. Since then Dana has worked his magic on several more of my guitars. His craftsmanship is AMAZING!
Will Marshall


I M P E C C A B L E work from this fellow. Flawless, careful, conscientious and meticulous. Dana completely restored a vintage Gibson acoustic, rebuit a gibson ChetSAtkins with new saddle pickup, worked on my vintage L5, and L5s, and Martin.... even rebuilt my Mesa Lonestar....Very, very capable and a TRUE gentleman.
Michael Verruto

Superb workmanship. Exceeded expectations. Dana is a world-class luthier.

Dana's work is absolutely unparalleled. I've known Dana over 22 yrs. In that time he's built and or "Bettered" every Guitar I own. Knowledge, Passion, Craftsmanship, Artistry are just the tip of the iceberg in explaining his work. Dana Is the only person who touches my guitars period. And his is the only name I give to anyone who wants to maintain or improve their instrument or amp. Instead of Master it should be PHD Luthier. His work is nothing less than true art at it's best.
Chris Gray

I have a pretty large collection of high end and vintage basses, and I'm pretty picky about the setup and condition of my instruments. Dana is the only person I trust with my basses. One quick story: I had a Gibson Ripper with a bad pickup. Ripper pickups are potted in epoxy, and I had several pickup experts around the country (including some who you have heard of) tell me that it was impossible to fix them. Dana told me "no problem" and did the job in 2 weeks. He is THE MAN.
Steve Wood

dana is simply the best. nobody comes close
Jones Purcell

I have known Dana for over 25 years. He has repaired and maintained a variety of vintage instruments of mine ranging from electric, acoustic and classical guitars to mandolins, banjos, basses as well as amplifiers. In my opinion there isn't a more skilled craftsman for stringed instruments anywhere. His attention to detail, virtual encyclopedic knowledge and passion for his work make him the best. When asked where to take an instrument for repairs where the work will be done right and with care, I send them to Dana.
Mark Unruh

I'm a professional guitarist and need my guitars to be set up perfectly. I won't allow anyone but Dana to touch my guitars. He's done set ups and refrettings for me for years with perfection. I know they will be right when Dana does the work. When I buy a brand new guitar, Dana gets it before it's used in a show. I've recommended Dana to other guitarists who also love his work. I highly recommend Dana for any work you need whether it is just a set up or an extensive repair.
Gene Guyer

My guitars played and sounded better than ever after I had Dana work on them. I have a Martin and 2 Taylor acoustics as well as an American Strat. I had a pick up put in the Martin by a local music store and it never sounded good plus the action was awful. Dana kept me informed ever step of the way and replaced the pickup correctly. I will never again let anyone else touch my guitars. He is a true Master Luthier and a great guy too! He even picked up and delivered! And he did the repairs in a most timely manner. Highly recommend him for guitar service large and small.