• "Dana's work is the best I've ever encountered."

    • "He is a true Master Luthier and a great guy too! He even picked up and delivered! And he did the repairs in a most timely manner. Highly recommend him for guitar service large and small."
      - Erica

    • "When I buy a brand new guitar, it goes straight to Dana."

    • "Dana has my restored and repaired many instruments for me. He is honest and thorough. He has brought back some instruments from the dead."
      - Michael

    • "Dana is simply the best, nobody comes close."
      - Jones

    • "I'm a professional guitarist and need my guitars to be set up perfectly. I won't allow anyone but Dana to touch my guitars. He's done set ups and refrettings for me for years with perfection. I highly recommend Dana for any work you need whether it is just a set up or an extensive repair."

    • "Dana's work is absolutely unparalleled. Knowledge, passion, craftsmanship, artistry are just the tip of the iceberg in explaining his work. Dana Is the only person who touches my guitars, period. His work is nothing less than true art at it's best." - Chris

    • "In my opinion there isn't a more skilled craftsman for stringed instruments anywhere. His attention to detail, virtual encyclopedic knowledge and passion for his work make him the best." - Mark

    • "I played Dana's guitars for 18 years.
      The guy is one of the nicest guys in Rock;
      he just flat out rocks. Oh and by the way, his guitars are the shizzle too. And you can take that to the bank." - Jon E. Love

    • "Dana is incredibly knowledgeable, timely and responsible, a true lover of the music that these instruments can make. I never hesitate to call him with a question or concern."

Instrument Gallery

  • Dana Snakes guitar Read about this guitar

  • Paul Lewis from Why Not? owns this Alvarez acoustic.
    It was rebuilt after a car crash.

  • 1955 Guyatone EG 200

  • 1965 Gariepy T-2 Tenor

  • 1978 Vega Galaxie

  • 1978 Vega Galaxie

  • 1965 Merlin 5 String

  • 1965 Merlin 5 String back

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    & Dobro Repair
  • Strict Historic Restoration Protocal
  • Tube Amplifier Repair
  • Vintage Amplifier Restoration
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